Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sikh - Values The principles of universal equality and brotherhood are important pillars of Sikhism. Belief in the Gurus : Sikhs should have full belief in the ten Gurus and Guru ... copy this link and find out about sikhism

Monday, 14 May 2012

Five sentences with apostrophe:


Aman’s bag

Nabil’s shoes

Armaan’s bike

Ayaan’s watch

Aahil’s kite

Anik’s band


Ayaan’s pen

Anik’s spectacles

Armaan’s jeans

Nabil’s art

Aman’s drink

 Aahil’s pencil

Sentences using contractions:

I’m: I’m very sick; I’m coming later.[ARMAAN]

Won’t:  I won’t be coming to the party tonight because I’m going outside.[Nabil]

Don’t: I don’t want to eat my dinner today. [NABIL]

You’ve: You’ve made me so happy. [NABIL]

Haven’t: You haven’t come to my birthday party. [NABIL]

Couldn’t: Ram couldn’t do his homework. [NABIL]

Ddn’t: you didn’t complete your homework. [ARMAAN]

I’ve: I’ve played and completed my homework. [ARMAAN]       

Can’t: I can’t come to play because I’m doing my homework. [ARMAAN]

Hasn’t: raven Hasn’t completed his work and didn’t ate his dinner. [ARMAAN]

That’s: that’s what I am going to say you that we can play. [ARMAAN] 


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

we have done activity of skeleton.we find out that skeleton is important for our body.if skeleton is not there in our body so we can't stand from bones we can stand and help our body to move and do different movements .in our body joints are also important to move.

Monday, 23 April 2012

We done activity with: POTATO

My class has done activity about digestive system

.first take some cut pieces of potato .  than  take water

in a bowl. next mix water with potatoes . later cut

potatoes will not mix some pieces will left. Then we took some grated piecs of potato. then .We took water and we mixed it. later we can see that The grated pieces will mixes and that juice our body takes

and that other thing comes out of our body.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

How we breath

Breathing is important  for our life . First from nose all gases passes to trachea then it passes to bronchioles   later Gases passes to bronch  then gases goes in two different  ways in capillaries  they goes in two different Ways then one takes oxyzen and when we exhale oxyzen all the other gases moves out of our body  like that we breath.